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You might have read so many articles on how important it is to optimize your web pages so that search engines like to visit and index them. Yes, we need to finetune our pages if we ever want our web site to be visible in search results.

In the coming days, we will explain you the terms used in search engine optimization and web site marketing profession and advice you on what to do to improve the visibility and ranking of your web site and what not to do!

We received an update from Kanoodle on June 24, 2004 and here it is:

Kanoodle Updates Character Counts 

As of today, June 24, Kanoodle will be reducing the character counts for our KeywordTarget™ and ContextTarget™ listings. The new listing lengths are below: 

Titles: 40 character max 
Descriptions: 190 character max 
Display URL: no change (50 character max) 
Click-Through URL: no change (300 character max) 

Your existing listings will not be affected by this change until you edit your ad copy. If you add new listings to your account, your titles and descriptions must fit within our new requirements. What does this mean for you? Kanoodle's new character counts will make your sponsored links campaign much more efficient. Our updated character counts for your listings now match those of other pay-per-click services, so you will spend less time creating ad copy specific to each service and more time optimizing your listings. Please note that when our BehaviorTarget™ listings go live, they too will follow the new listing specifications indicated above. If you would like help adjusting your ad copy to meet our new requirements, please feel free to contact our Client Services team.


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